As the founder of e3, Phil Willcox is really clear on the companies purpose; to promise to make work better by placing emotion and purpose at the heart of work. Phil describes himself as a ‘Meaning Uncoverer’ and it is through this journey of uncovering meaning that e3 partners with organisations (and individuals within them) to deliver sustainable results.  Organisations that work with Phil, collaborate to actively consider and manage how emotion, purpose and credibility influences people, relationships, culture and performance.  A workplace that takes the presence of emotion, purpose and credibility seriously, holds the potential of creating conditions to allow performance to truly thrive.

Fusing academic success (MSc in Emotion, Deception and Credibility) with real life practitioner experience (nearly 20 years in Learning/Oganisational Development and HR) Phil partners with others to deliver one of two aims:

1) Create conditions that allow happiness to flourish

So that people have a sense of meaning and purpose and pleasure in their work.  Happy people are more purposeful, productive, perform better and have better relationships with others. When you have lots of happy people, that makes a brilliant place to work. More emotion(s) than happiness (e.g. fear, anger, disappointment, offence, loss, superiority, surprise) will naturally be present at work and purpose helps build resilience to cope with all of these. Similarly, the journey to happiness will involve different and intense emotion(s) which is expected and supported. Because companies are made up of individuals who experience emotion differently and interact with one another, we work with them to create better relationships and improve communication with each other which leads to a great culture.  e3 works with organisations to become more purposeful, sustainable, effective and profitable with people that want to be there.

2) Reduce (the risk of) harm

Success at an individual, team and organisational levels is a fragile thing.  Misunderstanding, miscommunication, exaggeration, minimisation or outright deception all have the power to harm relationships, trust, people and performance.  e3 discreetly works with key partners to support them uncover the true meaning of what others are saying in high stakes settings (e.g. recruitment, investigation, investment).

Phil is really clear that delivering the promise ‘To make work better’ can be hard and challenging for e3 and the individuals, teams and companies that Phil works with. e3 work hard to create the conditions that allow collaboration and relationship building to happen to deliver a place where emotion and purpose are at the core of work.

What matters to e3:


e3 changes people’s attitudes to emotion in the workplace and harnesses it to drive personal and team performance for organisational success. This is because Phil Willcox know that it is important to look at how employees think but also how they feel. We support and manage people through the emotional aspects of organisational change so they are happier. This leads to more people sticking around for longer and crucially being more productive. Time again Phil sees organisations managing processes but the people forgotten. Happier people work better, work together, collaborate more and feel more determined and better able to cope with their work. e3 are yet to meet an organisation that doesn’t want happier people.


e3 pulls on theory, practice and solutions solidly evidenced in research. We pull on scientifically valid aspects of psychology, behavioural science and sociology to deliver results. We have sustainable performance having worked with organisations large and small from a variety of sectors (see clients page). We have a proven track record of how what we do has made a positive difference to individuals and to organisations as a whole.


If there is one thing Phil can be criticised for is that we care too much. What we do has to matter and make a positive difference and if it doesn’t… why bother. That is why the experience clients get when they work with us is ‘extraordinary’, it has to be that way or we will never deliver results. There is a real and pragmatic side to this too as for every piece of work we do includes a bespoke evaluation strategy so our clients can be sure what has been done has delivered the desired results. All solutions are different for every case and that is why this is a bespoke service tailored specifically for you.